hand looped frog toggle designs - linen clothing by anny

ethical fashion frog toogles hand looped handmade slow fashion soft buttons

Frog toggles in my designs are used in jackets / coats / vests / scarves as fasteners in the center opening, decorations in side slits of tops / blouses / pants. To me, making clothing is a slow process. Sometimes I spend a whole day just to make a jacket with frog toggles, hand looping each toggle set and lining perfectly to sew is a satisfaction to me. Although I secretly hope I don't sell too many of frog toggle design pieces as making each of them is very time consuming and aching my shoulders and hands ( Yoga helps! :) ) , I do enjoy making them when time is not rushed. Below is the link to all listings of my designs with frog toggles. Enjoy! 

Designs with handmade frog toggles